Happy to say that we have funded the installation of a premium reverse osmosis water purification system in Mulankavil Maha Vidyaalayam which is one of the largest schools in the Killinochchi district. With nearly 1000 students & teachers, the school has been wanting to get good drinking water for the longest period of time, as the water from that area is one of the worst with significant amounts of calcium deposits in it. As it is, Kidney related diseases are at an alarming levels in Sri Lanka. A very special thanks to Dr. Anil Ralhan (Ralhan Dentistry) for donating $1680 (out of the total cost of $3380) and as well to the Nivaranam Donors for covering the rest.  When called with the news of selecting their school to be the first one in that region to be installed, the principal Mr. Pathmanathan Anantharaasa couldn’t believe it. We selected, installed & inaugurated the whole thing within 17 hours. Thanks to Aqua Maters for doing the installation at a lightening speed. We can’t wait & watch more of these young ones spoil their kidneys. Better to prevent than treating it! As always, proud to show my gratitude to Canada. #Canadian #PureWater
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