Received a phone call back in July from Pream who has been constantly supporting my Charity (Nivaranam) efforts since 2007. One of his Aunt, Dr.Logeswary Sivapathasundaram (originally from Koppai) visiting from London, England was interested in meeting me to learn more about my heart surgery project. We met and after showing all my documents related to my charity work, she told me that she will sponsor the full cost of a heart surgery for a deserving patient in Sri Lanka. I was so happy as only a few days prior to our meeting, I received a request from Miss Anitha Sivaguru’s family (Sanganai, Jaffna) who has been waiting for a heart surgery for over 7 years. Even Dr. Guruparan, cardiologist from Jaffna has recommended her for an early surgery as he feared things may go wrong if we waited. Glad to say we just completed Anitha’s surgery yesterday at the Lanka hospital. Thanks to Dr. Gandhiji & his team for waiving their consultation fees as usual, Lanka hospital administration for charging a special reduced amount for the stay and most importantly Dr. Logeswary Sivapathasundaram for donating apprximately 8 Lakhs ($ 6150) & Pream for connecting me to her. Thanks for making a difference.