Met Mrs. Santhirasekaram who lost her husband due to kidney disease in Oddisuttan, Mullaitivu recently. Originally, I assured them to cover the medical expenses related to kidney transplant for her husband. However, due to their inability to find a matching donor, he passed away at a very young age of 36 leaving 3 small children behind. During my trip, I made sure to stop by Mullaitivu to see the family. When I offered help, she requested that she needed a Cow & a Calf to get a fixed monthly income. Thanks to Karthiga who immediately made arrangements to deliver the funds (Rs 65,000 – $525) right away to buy the needed cattle. Did a second stop at their house after a week to see how they are doing. Smile on their faces!! The least we could do to help this family. May Mr. Santhirasekaram’s soul rest in peace.