Kishore Kumar gets Prosthetic Legs!

Here is a touchy story of Kishore Kumar, a smart student/actor from Vavuniya – Sri Lanka. Kishore’s father left them when they were young. Kishore’s mother had to leave both of her children, Kishore & his sister with her relatives and was working as a maid in Dubai since the year 2013. She had to return to Sri Lanka after coming to know that her son Kishore while playing in the field, jumped into a pit filled with Bran without realizing that there was a live fire underneath. Both of his legs had to be amputated to save his life. Sitting in a wheelchair, it was so miserable for Kishore & his family to pass the days worrying about this young man’s future. When I came to know about this family, I quickly sent them to Colombo in a hired van ($420 was sent to them) to get quotes from 3 different clinics which specializes in fitting Prosthetic legs. Kishore won’t be able to handle wooden legs as they are not only outdated, but also will get his legs infected requiring further amputation up his legs. Since the cost of the model S500 (which will suit him the best) is Rs 1,540,000 Lakhs ($11,284), I tried connecting with manufacturers in England, USA, Hong Kong to see if I could get S500 for free. But, the process was only taking time without yielding positive results. Hence, decided to undertake the expenses through Nivaranam and sent a deposit of $6000 to get things moving. Kishore went to Colombo a few weeks back to give measurements and now a brand new pair of prosthetic legs are being shipped to Colombo from Hong Kong. I am sure this young man will not only walk but also run with his new legs within a few months of continuous training by physiotherapists. He deserves all of our prayers & best wishes. Thanks to Satha Anna, Arivalagan Anna from Australia, Muraleetharan, Nathan (Domino’s) for immediately responding to my plea and donating $500 each. Special thanks to Mr & Mrs Francis (Quality Bakery) for continuously donating $1000 every month to my charity Nivaranam and also to Dr Logeswary Siva for donating $580 toward paying the bill. The balance was paid out by various donations received by Nivaranm. Now, Kishore Kumar is going to School with a big smile on his face! Without these good-hearted souls it would be impossible to do what I am doing. “You can always see god among those who are suffering and lend a hand”!